10 Tips That Will Save Your Life In DayZ

DayZ LogoNo matter how skilled you are in DayZ there are a million ways to die, it is near certain to happen at some point!

With obstacles like zombies, glitching by going through railings or falling from buildings you cannot avoid death in Chernarus. However there are some ways you can prolong this inevitable fate from happening.

My Top 10 DayZ Life Saving Tips List

So here’s my top ten tips to make sure after all the carnage has ended you could still be left standing!

1. Sign out in a safe location

When your adventure comes to an end, try signing out in a safe location for example low traffic areas like forests or hidden distant locations.

As your body remains in the game for just under a minute after signing out of the server, there could be a chance someone could just walk behind you and then kill you. So go towards the wooded area, and thoroughly check no zombies have followed you before exiting the game.

DayZ Woods

Well done you have skipped death in your adventure in Chernarus.

2. Remain out of sight

To state the obvious…. the best way to avoid being killed is to stay out of sight! If you want to refrain from being killed your best way is to make sure other players can’t find your location.

So start by approaching towns from forest areas and camouflaged bushes, using backyards and fences for coverage. Sprinting down the road will only make you vulnerable to a group of bandits to take open pot shots at you.

3. Leave the bright colored clothes behind

DayZ Camo ClothesWearing bright and vivid colour clothing will make you stand out and be an easy target.

Wear clothing that easily blends with your surroundings, for example using a can of spray paint to camouflage you and your weapon to remain elusive and if you can’t be seen by Bandits then they certainly can’t shoot you!

4. Obtain a melee weapon

I would say one of the tasks that should be fairly high up on the agenda for staying alive in Day Z (aside from eating and drinking) should be to locate a melee weapon. The Firefighter Axe, Splitting Axe, Pick Axe and Machete should be at the top of your list, but if you struggle to locate any of these anything usually will do.

You can use these to quietly wipe out any zombies that you may come across and aiming straight for the head will certify a one shot kill.

5. Travel lightly

Besides killing you purely for the fun of it, the main reason someone will kill you in DayZ is because you have something that they want. Whether it be a backpack loaded with ammunition, a hat or that decked out Mosin.

So if possible travel as light as possible to keep the risk of being shot to a minimum. Their jealousy will take over them and you will be an easy target!

You will still get shot at but it gives you a fighting chance. If you don’t really need it leave it for another to have.

6. Use a TeamSpeak server

If you are playing alone don’t hesitate to get on to a TeamSpeak server to chat. If you are playing with your friends it is easy to set up a TeamSpeak or even a Discord server. Simply visit the TeamSpeak Website directly for more information on this.

TeamSpeak Upgraded

You can get a TeamSpeak Server for free, but there are also paid options available. Always check for a Teamspeak option when joining any lobby server.

For choosing a server to host your own DayZ private game on, check out my guide I have written to compliment my homepage research.

7. Sawed off shotgun

This one is a heavily advanced technique that’s been obtained by experienced players and can be used if you have an IZH-43 (Shotgun) and a Hacksaw. Using the Hacksaw to saw the barrel off the shotgun, you will be left with a Sawed-Off IZH-43 that will easily fit into your backpack.

So then if someone tells you to drop your primary weapon, you can do this and still use your Hot Bar to quickly pull out and blast them with the Sawed-Off.

8. Keep morphine in your inventory

DayZ MorphineIf you run around and explore Chernarus long enough, you’ll probably more than likely end up breaking your legs and getting stuck in the prone position.

While you could try the Wooden Splint to repair your broken limbs, the easiest option of the two is the Morphine Auto-Injector.

It takes little room up in your inventory and should have you in tip top shape in no time. While you can use it to fix broken arms I would advise saving it for the more concerning broken legs as they are more debilitating.

9. Stay out of PvP zones

The best way to avoid getting attacked by another player is to refrain from going to locations where other players go to kill each other.

Try heading to smaller towns which are away from the high-traffic areas. You can expect to get shot if you show up in Berezino, or the Northwest and Northeast Airfields. These areas are great places to find your guns and ammunition stash, there’s a pretty high chance you aren’t going to survive long enough to use them!

10. Crank up the volume!

DayZ has a lot of integral in game sounds, so being able to hear them of course, will be a crucial way of keeping alive!

Your ears are just as important as your eyes in this game whether it’s hearing footsteps outside, the sounds of chatting in game or even the distant noise of a reloading weapon.

I would highly recommend if your budget lets you investing in a top of the range headset that will allow you to fully experience the sounds of death and destruction around Chernarus.