Choosing a DayZ Hosting Company

DayZ LogoIf you want to get the most out of DayZ it’s always worth considering private server hosting from a third party company.

Yes, it is easy enough to run a server locally but for many players running a server this way can be very limiting.

Local servers will run off your computer so the quality of the PC you have will determine the world you can host.

DayZ is very resource hungry and requires plenty of RAM, CPU and Hard Drive space to run efficiently.

If you’re lucky enough to have a gaming computer, you will have no problem running it locally. However this can be dependent also on the amount of players you host and how many mods you install on your server.

If you’re looking for a bigger server to expand your game or don’t have a gaming computer the next best option is private server hosting.

My DayZ Server Hosting Guide

Below is my guide to finding a great hosting company for your next DayZ server, which compliments my research on the home page.

Which Platform?

DayZ server hosting is available for all platforms: PC, XBOX one and Playstation 4. The console versions are different from the PC versions so you will need to rent a dedicated console server if you’re not playing on PC.

DayZ Scope

Sadly DayZ does not allow cross platform so you will only be able to connect to players of the same type.

Server prices are also different depending on the version you choose. Typically PC hosting is cheaper than the console version.

The cheapest DayZ server hosting for 10 players is just $9.80 which is about 20% cheaper than the console server equivalent. For the cheapest up to date server hosting comparisons, visit the homepage.

Server Requirements

Once you have chosen the platform you require you will next need to consider the following server requirements in order to create the best service that meets your needs:


If you have already connected to an online server via the lobby you will notice that you have the option to choose the location of the server you are connecting to.

Typically servers that are closer to you will show with lower ping values and cause less latency for you when you’re on the server.

Server Locations Example

This logic also applies for hosting your own server.

When renting a private server it is wise to choose one that is in your country of residents and is as close to you. This is because when you connect to your game world your data will have to travel through your internet connection and connect with the data center where your game is being hosted.

The closer you are to the data center the less distance your connection has to cross improving your connection time.

If you are situated in Europe or North America you won’t have any problem choosing a server location however areas such as south america and china can be limited.


Currently the cheapest price for a DayZ server is $9.80 which hosts up to 10 players. This is an extremely cheap starting point however the cost per player is $0.98 which would be perceived as expensive.

Server Size Example

Packages will start at a minimum price that will cover all the support and server resources to run the game. Once the initial costs of hosting are covered a host will often offer larger discounts on players slots as the server increases in size.

For example the cheapest 100 player slot I could find on the internet was $58.00 which means each player slot is $0.58. This is over 40% cheaper per player making it a better choice for larger communities.

It is always best to evaluate how many players you will have on your server, try to be realistic in order to avoid paying more than you have too.

DDoS Protection

Most hosting companies will offer at 99.9% up-time which will require DDoS protection to achieve. Distributed Denial of Service attacks are directed at your game server in order to slow it down or completely wipe your progress.

DDoS Protection Example Streamline Servers

The attack is external and can only happen when the company doesn’t have DDoS protection set up.

Due to the nature of game server hosting I would say 95% companies will offer this service as standard. Though you should always check the package details before committing to the purchase.


If you’re running a dedicated world that you and your players are putting a lot of time into, it’s worth having backups of your files. This is usually done on a daily basis and comes automated with the service. However you do have the ability to do this manually if you would like to save your game at certain points

Host Havoc Backups KB

If you lose your world or want to change hosting companies, having a backup is vital.

Server Migration

If you don’t create backups of your files you can switch them across to other hosting companies using server migration. However some companies will not set this up for you.

If you want to ensure that your world is carried across from one host to another it’s best to check with the new company first. I would say that 90% of the companies I have reviewed over the years do offer this but I have found newer companies tend to miss out this detail on their website.

You can of course migrate the files yourself, but you will need some server management skills.

Control Panel

Control panels can either be custom or a TCAdmin default. 85% of companies today use the standard TCAdmin control panel because it’s cheap and it’s easy to use.

TCAdmin Screenshot

Creating a custom control panel is time consuming and a lot of companies do not have the skills or funds to create a unique control panel.

I’d honestly stick to TCAdmin because it can be learnt and used across multiple hosts and games.

Additional Company Features

Once you have decided upon your server requirement you will next need to consider the following before finalizing your choice:


If you are unable to test a server it’s best to have a guaranteed refund as a backup plan.

I haven’t had to ask for many refunds in my years of server hosting but when I have, I’m always glad that I have chosen a company that offers a refund.

It’s typical to see companies offering at least a 1 day money back guarantee. However I have seen a 30 day refund before but this is very rare in my opinion.

GTX Gaming Refund Policy Example

To play it safe, try to choose a host with a 1 – 7 days guarantee option. This will give you just enough time to decide if the company is right for you.

If you feel dissatisfied with your experience be sure to request a refund as quickly as possible.

Mods and Plugins

DayZ has loads of additional mods that can be added to your server to improve or change the game. In order to add a mod you will first need to download it and then add it to your server FTP files. Experienced players may already know how to do this and it can be pretty simple once you know how. However if you’re new you may want to consider a company that does offer Mod support as part of the package.

DayZ Mods Screenshot

I have noticed in the past that some companies will try to charge additional fees but it’s not very common practice these days.

If you’re unsure check with the customer support on the company’s website.

Customer Feedback

I’d always recommend reading a company’s customer feedback before renting a server from them.

Previous customers are usually very honest with their feedback and you can find lots of great reviews on community threads and third party review websites.

Ping Perfect Trustpilot Reviews Example

Read both the good and bad reviews as it’s always better to have an overall perspective of the company.

Typically I wouldn’t recommend any company that has lower than 3.5 stars on popular review platforms.


If it’s your first time choosing a DayZ server hosting company follow all of the steps above to find the best server for you.

Here is a short summary of all the areas that have been covered in this guide.

  • Platform – Choose between PC, PS4 and Xbox One servers. There is no cross platform.
  • Location – The key to a well run server is it’s location. Choose a location nearest to you and your community.
  • Slots – Only buy a server that you can fill up with players. Start small and expand it when needed.
  • Control Panel – Is the control panel easy to use? Stick to TCadmin if it’s your first time renting a server.
  • Backups – Can you save backups? Having them will be helpful if you lose important data or progress.
  • DDoS Protection – Make sure your server is protected. Players will not want to join a server that is always under attack.
  • Customer Feedback – Look for both good and bad reviews from all sources including review sites and community threads.
  • RefundTry to get at least a 24 hours refund. This will give you enough time to spot any faults in the server or the support.
  • Mods and Plugins – Will the company install the mods for you or will you have to do it yourself?

If this guide has given you more information about server hosting and you feel confident enough to commit to renting a private server, check out the homepage.

There I list the cheapest DayZ hosting for PC.

I offer a no nonsense comparison giving you the cheapest and most reliable options without listing loads of companies that are more expensive and less efficient.