Questions About DayZ Console Servers

DayZ LogoDayZ came out on the PS4 and Xbox One in 2019 and fans have been eagerly waiting to play this on their consoles for the last couple of years.

It was rumored for many years and fans thought it would never happen as it took a long time for the game to come out of early access. However the game is now out on console and surprisingly you can rent private servers from third party hosting companies to run your world on.

This is similar to the popular ARK: Survival Evolved that was released on console and also had server options for consoles due to the nature of the game. Though server support was not released with the initial game it was added in the later 1.04 patch that Bohemia Interactive released shortly after.


What is a private server?

Basically a private server is your own dedicated computer or a section of a bigger computer, known as a “server” that runs your in-game world for you.

There are businesses known as game server hosting companies that will rent you a pre-packaged DayZ world that you can modify.

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However you do need to pay a monthly subscription for this service.

If you would like more information on choosing a private server, read my article “How to choose a DayZ Hosting Company” to get started.

How much does a server cost?

Well this depends on how large of a server you want. The cheapest server for DayZ console versions I have found was just $9.80 for 10 players and would give you access to your own private server for one month. Home

Of course the server does get more expensive when you add more players so keep this in mind when choosing your server size.

Will you be able to wipe the server?

Yes, you are fully in control of the server and you have the power to restart your game world whenever you want.

Just make sure that you let your friends know, so they aren’t confused when they lose all of their progress.

Wipes are non-reversible unless you have a backup of your world that you can later reinstall.

What settings can you access on the server?

As the server owner you can customise pretty much anything that has to do with the game world and the players that access it.

These settings include:

  • Naming the server
  • Changing the password
  • Server Time and the world speed
  • Maximum or minimum players on the server. However this is limited based on the package you rent.
  • Camera Mode
  • Full access to all of the in game logs, which will allow you to see everything that is going on in your world.
  • Any player or server messages
  • Backups
  • Game migration (dependent on the hosting company)

Can I restrict player access?

DayZ Xbox Version

Of course.

If you find that you have people joining the server that you do not want, you can simply set up a password and only give it to the players you want on the server.

Are private servers just on console?

No, private servers are on the PC version too and have been the main backbone of the game since the very beginning.

Private servers are popular on loads of sandbox, open world based games such as Minecraft, Rust and ARK.

It’s an industry that has been around for over 10 years and is slowly becoming part of the console market.